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Mekan Restaurant is a modern Turkish restaurant that embraces the flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine while catering to the hip, and sophisticated clientele of Istanbul. Mekan Restaurant serves a tantalizing choice of authentic dishes fused with a contemporary spin. Whether it is for a party, or a romantic night for two, Mekan Restaurant's atmosphere is ideal for any occassion.


Mekan Restuarant is open for lunch and dinner. This is a cozy Turkish restaurant that combines top-notch food, service and ambience nestled on one of the most treasured and diserable streets in Taksim, Istanbul. Our menu is created and prepared daily using the finest of ingredients stimulating your senses beyond their limits. One ingredient that we bring to our cuisine is soul. We bring soul to Turkish food, and you will taste the flavors of our soul which makes our restaurant unique.


We offer a variety of amazing starters, soups, salads, pastas, entrees and desserts. If you are unsure how to satisfy your tastes, we offer a fixed menu allowing you to sample many of our extrordinary dishes that our reknown Chef has recommended for the day.


Our synergy of delectable cuisine, flawless service, and chic atmosphere has positioned it as one of Istanbul's finests restaurants. We guaranteed that you will leave in a euphoric state-of-mind. Come and experience our culinery vision.


We are glad to cater to an international clientele.

Here is what our customers voluntarily said about our delectable restaurant.





Mekan: The Cosmopolitan


From the moment you enter, you’ll be ensconced in the warm, personal handling that is an integral part of the Mekan experience.  The gracious owners are often standing by to greet new arrivals or working the room with a glass of wine in hand, as if they were hosting a dinner party in their home.


If you are lucky, Mary, the boisterous chef, will make an appearance along with the meze tray. On a recent visit, she took one look at us and immediately saw in our future the pickled mezgit (silver hake fish), an ultra-fresh tomato salad with crushed walnuts and dressed with pomegranate molasses, along with and a plate of smoked red peppers in a thick, sour yogurt. We also went for the topik, an Armenian specialty that stuck out on the meze tray like a sore thumb, or, more accurately, a softball. Made out of chickpeas, potatoes, tahini, and onions that are mashed together and turned into a mound that is then studded with pine nuts and dusted with cinnamon, this sweet and savory concoction is an odd assembly of flavors and textures, to say the least. It is a novelty that people either hate or write folk songs about, but should be tried at least once.


Following the meze comes the ara sicak, or hot appetizers course. From this round we suggest the icli köfte, better known as kibbeh in Middle Eastern restaurants. Mary’s courage to ramp up most dishes with a bit more spicy heat than usual came through on this dish. Its color alone, a deep crimson, spoke of the paprika kick within.


Patlican börek is a Mekan specialty from the Sephardic kitchen that is not to be missed. In place of the cheese, spinach or potato that most börek is filled with, this börek’s crispy phyllo dough shell holds a smoky eggplant mash. To the veteran börek eater, this is at first alarming and, shortly thereafter, extremely pleasing.


Entrée’s at Mekan tend toward a simple preparation, mostly from the grill. Köfte, meatballs, or a fresh fish are always around. When on offer, we opt for a plate of hamsi, Black Sea anchovies, in cornmeal cooked on a lightly oiled flat griddle. The preparation does this small fish justice and is presented in a perfect fan shape on the plate, as if twenty little fish were attached at the tail.


Mekan’s uncommon ethnic specialties, served in a quiet atmosphere, present a nice change of pace to the predictable menus and raucous surroundings that mark most dinners out in Beyoglu’s meyhanes. Though the price of a dinner doesn’t differ much from its competitors, the quality of the food and service keep us coming back for more.



LOUIE FASCIOLO - BRAZIL - 08 January 2008


Hi there,


I am one of the three brazilians that by total chance found your restaurant on the 28.12.07. We were three, a girl, a chinese looking young guy and I and we had a brilliant time at your restaurant.


I'd like to say a big thank you for your warm welcome and for the delicious food. It was a real shame that it was our last day in Istanbul, otherwise we would have come back surely to appreciate the love you guys put into serving and preparing an amanzingly tasteful food.


I wish you all, your son who gladly translated dishes, your wife who cooked the delicious food and an amazing apple tart, all the very friendly waiters and yourself, a very succesfull and happy new year. May 2008 bring to you health, peace and lots of loving people around. May it also bring a very fruitful and productive year to you all at Mekan.


If you or any of your family come to London and need anything we could possibly be able to help you with, please let us know.


Thank you again




LIA - HOLLAND - 25 January 2008


Thank you for sending me the photo's. We had such an amazing night in your beautiful restaurant. The food was excellent, the people in the restaurant where so nice and kind to me and my friends. We will never forget the kindness that you and your family gave us.


We hope to comeback one day!  


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for fine memories. Give my very best greetings to your family and to your cook.


Bye, Bye, Best wishes from all of us.



LEE JOHNSON - AMERICA - 04 January 2008




I had the most amazing food last night. Jale and I went out to dinner for the first time in a long time at a friends restaurant in Beyoðlu, Istanbul called Mekan Restaurant & Cafe.

First off atmosphere. We were greeted at the door with a warm smile and help with our coats and bags. We were, at our request, shown to a table with a view of the entire restaurant. The light was soothing and the seating comfortable. The decor was eclectic and unique to each table, for instance our table was next to a window with statuary art for the same artist (very classy art not the normal gaudy Ottoman pottery) and the table next to us had a sailing motif in and around its window, but it was done so that they did not detract from each other and we were invited by the eye to look out that window to.


The bread and wine were better than usual here in Istanbul, and I have to say, that speaks volumes because the bread here is great everywhere. The Wine I had was a fantastically smooth red house wine that I gladly sipped on throughout the meal. It was not dry, and it did not have the slightest bite to it. An absolutely adorable Crimson Þarap!

Next was the best Broccoli Soup I have ever had, closely followed by a tray of appetizers. We chose the Cabbage Dolma (a rice mixture wrapped in a cabbage leaf), Tomato and Cheese Salad in olive oil and spice, a Blackeyed pea dish, and a Paté.

You must understand that I am a food addict, and I spend a lot of time repressing the urge to INDULGE in meals because the food here is SSSOOO good, normally I succeed. The Black Eyed Pea dish was very good, the peas were perfectly cooked and presented. The salad was exceedingly good, spiced to perfection and dribbled (not drown) in high quality olive oil, and the dolma was perfectly sweet. I was loosing it, I was beginning to indulge and I knew it. So I went for the Paté because I am not normally a Paté kind of guy. I like it, I will eat it if offered, but I wont go an extra isle in a store to get some. Do you know what I mean? This Paté was TO DIE FOR! I am not going to describe it because I will give the cooks secret away, but not only did I relapse and indulge, I would happily challenge myself not to indulge a few times a week. I was scraping the dish for the last bit of taste I could get! Not only wold I go out of my way to get some of that Paté, I would go miles out of my way to do it.

Then it was time for the main courses, we often get the same dish, because we like the same stuff, but not at Mekan. We got the Meat Dolma (Rice and meat mixture wrapped in a Grape Leaf) and a creamy Eggplant and Chicken dish. Again the Dolma was fantastic and the Eggplant cooked to perfection, now that is hard to do cause I may be a taste fanatic, but I am a cooking idiot, and even I know that Eggplant is extremely finicky! Kinda like a teenager trying to make a Quiche, you either get a quiche or scrambled eggs; there is no in between with eggplant and this chef knew what she was doing.

Originally we tried to decline a sweet at first, but the chef knew something about me by then and offered a half portion of her cheese sweet. How can I turn that down.... Just as the rest of this fantastic meal her cheese sweet was the perfect topping for the meal.

I stood and kissed her hand after we paid about 70.00 YTL for the dinner for two.

We ended up staying in the place for almost 4 hours eating drinking coffee and tea and talking with what are now good friends.

If you have the opportunity to eat here you must. This is not just a nice place, this is what happens when a family of grace, class and character do something they care about just because they love it.

Please experience the devineness of Mekan, you will never forget that you did.

Peace and Love to all







During my last visit to Istanbul I had randomly got invited to a social gathering at your restaurant.  A solid restaurant in Taxsim are few and far between.  To find a restaurant that is clean, chic, solid, fun and fabulous is a difficult tasked in Taskim's hustle and bustle.  I was skeptical about going, but everyone had said to me that this restaurant is their hidden treasure.  My friends are all Turkish, so I trusted their opinion.  They will never eat at just an "all right restaurant".  I was confident to know I was in for a treat when it came to the cuisine, but the other aspects of the restaurant I was left unsure of. 
I walked in and immediatly noticed how cozy and inviting the restauarant was. The open space was utilized perfectly. I sat down and the service immediatly took care of me and my friends.  The owners of the restaurant were happily involved making sure our party was situated comfortably.  I left the ordering to my friends who decided to go for the fixed menu.  I will be honest, I am a super picky eater and extremely critical of middleastern food.  I actually started to indulge in food I never would have before and finished what was in front of me. 
Ok, now get this.  I ate the dolma and it was excellant.  I grew up with my Persian grandma and mom slaving over the kitchen chopping the vegetables by hand, stuffing grape leaves and cabbage.  So I feel slightly guilty saying this, but I can confer you make the best dolma I have ever eaten in my life.  I came back to the states to tell my family about the restaurant and that you make a better dolma than my mom.  They are now extremely animant in flying to Istanbul and tasting your amazing Turkish cuisine, specifically the dolma.
Really thank you for a marvelous eveing and much success to your restaurant.
A Happy Customer,



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